rebuilding... restoring... renewing lives through christian counseling

Break Thru's focus is to restore people's lives back into wholeness using a variety of psychological and Biblical truths and techniques.

The following include the settings we offer our various services in:

Pastoral Counseling:

Through pastoral counseling, we address the needs of individuals, couples, and families by using an approach that integrates sound psychological principles with spiritual insight from the Bible. Prayer and scripture are an integral part of all of our pastoral counseling.

Family Counseling:

Family Counseling looks at the negative interactional pattern that has developed within the family system and helps the family to create a positive living experience that functions better for all members.

Couples Counseling:

In couple's therapy, we look at how communication and emotional needs have become a negative pattern which prevents the individuals from having the communication and closeness that they truly desire in their relationship. We help to identify those negative patterns and work to develop positive patterns of communicating and meeting each other's emotional needs.

Individual Counseling:

The therapist helps the individual face the struggles of life in a variety of different contexts including but not limited to relationships, compulsions, addictions, anxieties, fears, depression, spiritual issues, etc. (see Areas of Counseling Specialization for further categories).

Child Counseling:

This type of counseling helps the child adjust to their life circumstances in such areas as grades, various school problems, behavioral issues, divorce, step-families, peer relationships, and other related problems.

Pre- Marital Counseling:

The counselor seeks to help the man and woman prepare for a life long commitment to each other by exploring the couple's family of origins, expectations, individual personalities that may cause differences in their marriage, and a variety of other issues. The focus is to create a strong and enduring foundation for marriage that can produce not only happiness but a fulfilling life together.

Short Term Counseling:

There are immediate short-term life situations that come up for people. This type of counseling addresses these varied circumstances. Examples include: the death of a loved one, job loss, empty nest syndrome, menopause, and other life transitions.

Support Groups:

Break Thru offers different types of support groups throughout the year. Check our current list of groups being offered.

Crisis Intervention:

From time to time we all fall into a crisis situation where we need immediate intervention. These situations include those who are depressed and suicidal, victims of domestic violence, rape, child abuse or other violent incidents, drug and alcohol interventions and a variety of other immediate threatening events. We at Break Thru Ministries are available to do crisis intervention as well as give resources to mobilize community support.


We believe that ultimately God is the healer and reconciler. Our counselors would be glad to pray for you and ask God to intervene in your particular situation.

Consultation to Clergy:

Break Thru offers free consultations to clergy in a confidential setting to address the particular struggles that come up in the context of congregational living that would require a therapeutic referral or intervention for a church member. We network with local churches to offer support that may be beyond the expertise or training of the church staff.


Offering a variety of referral sources that would include but not be limited to such areas of specialization as: transitional housing, psychiatric evaluations, psychological testing, drug and alcohol rehab centers, out of control teen residual living and other similar referrals.


Break thru Ministries is a training site for both marriage and family interns and pastoral counseling interns who have received a master's degree appropriate to marriage and family counseling or a master's degree in divinity. As a training facility, we have licensed supervisors to meet the needs of California state requirements and we are equipped with video tapping to provide the most updated techniques in supervision.


We offer a variety of free and tuition based workshops to community and church groups which include anger management, positive parenting, strengthening marriages/ relationships, controlling your teenager and many other such topics. Please look under groups to find what is currently being offered.