We are well - qualified individuals

Break Thru has a well-qualified staff to help you through your concerns about life circumstances. We are diversified and able to handle a variety of problems, cares and concerns. Our commitment is to bring to each of our clients the best care possible while maintaining spiritual and psychological integrity. Each of the therapists below can be reach at our Break Thru office number by dialing 562-431-1799 and leaving a message for the therapist you want to call you back.

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Board of Directors:

Dyan Howk, President

Nick Howk, Secretary

Paula Tannahill, Treasure

Paul Bradshaw, Board Member

Dyan Howk - licensed marriage & family therapist

Are you feeling lonely and disconnected in your life right now? Maybe keeping all of the pieces together seems just too difficult. You want your spouse, your children or a friend to listen to you but they are stressed too, or even more, maybe they are a part of the problem. You have come to a place where you feel unseen and unheard, and wish that family and friends could just understand you. You are keenly aware that life's struggles are intense and you are afraid that the conflicts will never go away…the pain will never cease. The poet, song writer Bobby Dylan was moved by these life's struggles when he wrote, "Everything is Broken." The hopelessness of this can be overwhelming…

I know how difficult this can be for you. What I understand is that you want to bring connection, friendship and closeness back into your life. You would like to have a sense of renewed hope that could restore and rebuild the broken places. You are not alone, we can work together to cultivate a more enriching experience of life for you.

At this point you might be wondering who I am. I have co-founded and directed BreakThru Counseling Center since 1987. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California holding a Master of Art degree in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy from Trinity College of Graduate Studies. My faith in God plays a vital role in helping people restore their lives back to wholeness…therefore I also hold a Masters of Divinity from Azusa Pacific University. I find the key to living a good life is to have balance in the following three areas: balance with-in oneself, balance in relationships, and balance to God. When one or more of these areas are in conflict, life becomes unmanageable.

It was never God's plan for you to carry your suffering alone. I would love to hear your store and start on a journey together that could restore those things in your life that are most important to you. Please call me today so we can set up your appointment and get started…

kimberly akamine - licensed marriage & family therapist

I have a heart that longs to help people who are hurting. Most of us have difficulty in finding our way in relationships from time to time. My calling is to walk along beside you and to help you find healthy ways to relate to and deal with people and situations in your lives. I am committed to the strengthening of marriages and families, and helping other therapists learn more effective ways to do therapy.

My life experiences, education, and training have equipped me to be an effective therapist. My formal education started at California State University, Fullerton, where I received my B.A. in Religious Studies. My graduate studies were at Loma Linda University where I received my M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy. I became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT 20752) in July, 1985. I earned my certification in Emotion Focused Therapy in January 2006, and in March 2010, I became a certified Supervisor in Emotion Focused Therapy.

I have had experience with many different types of clients and issues. My professional experience started with Geriatric Mental Health counseling.

I then worked for CSP Inc., as a Diversion Counselor, counseling teenagers and their families who were involved in the Juvenile Justice System. After that I worked for Family Service of Long Beach as a Marriage and Family Therapist, running Active Parenting Today classes, facilitating therapy groups, and supervising/training trainees and interns for their state license. I worked for Family Service for 11 years. I then started working in Orange County at Counseling Connections and moved to Break Thru Counseling Center in 2003. At Break Thru I was able to pursue my certification in Emotion Focused therapy and recently earned my Supervisor certification.

I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families. Since being licensed I have dealt with relationship issues which include conflict resolution, communication, parenting, as well as issues of bereavement, co-dependency, anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress, and life transitions. I enjoy doing workshops for community and church groups, teaching master's level students in marriage and family therapy, and supervising licensed and pre-licensed therapists in marriage and family therapy using Emotion Focused Therapy.

Bonnie Crumpley - licensed marriage & family therapist

Bonnie's Christian faith is the foundation upon which she integrates various therapeutic approaches for helping clients to journey toward healing and wholeness. She has had many years of experience working with families, individuals, and couples, using a blend of spiritual and psychological principles to address such issues as relationship problems, parenting and communication difficulities, depression, anxiety, and family of origin issues. She also works with grief and lost, sexual abuse, as well as issues associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In addition, Bonnie can screen for ADHD, using assessment tools that include various questioners and computerized performance techniques.

Bonnie's experiences include facilitating bible study groups, training, and supervising Stephen Ministers, as well as MFT interns. She has also taught parenting classes, conducted communication workshops, and educating about types and symptoms of depression, in addition to workshops on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders. She has also lead children groups, and support groups for women in transition, women abused as children, and groups for those going through bereavement.

Bonnie's many years of experience include working in a church, hospital, and community setting. Before coming to Break Thru Ministries, Bonnie worked 12 years as a family systems specialist and assistant manager of Out Patient Services, for a nonprofit organization. She also worked 5 years as a Behavioral Specialist in a psychiatric hospital dealing with all types of patient populations. Much of her spiritual training has been from participating in organizational bible studies for over twenty-five years. Bonnie received her B.A. in Psychology and her Master of Science degree in Counseling, at California State University, Fullerton. In addition, Bonnie has received training in the use of Interpersonal Couples Communication I & II by Drs. Sherod and Phyllis Miller, as well as training in Emotional Focused Couples Therapy by Dr. Susan Johnston.

Nick Howk - Clinical Pastoral Counselor

Nick Howk is a clinical pastoral counselor and has been at Break-Thru since 2001. He earned his MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University Dominguez Hills as well as a BA in Psychology from Vanguard University. As a pastoral counselor Nick is passionate about counseling from a distinctly Christian worldview, integrating faith with proven therapeutic principles. Before coming to Break Thru Nick was involved in leading recovery support groups and served as a hospice volunteer. Currently Nick sees individuals, couples and adolescents, working with a wide range of problems including anxiety, depression, and family issues. He also works with sexual addiction and related recovery issues. Nick has a heart for married couples and has advanced training and supervision in Emotionally-Focused-Couples-Therapy (EFT). Nick especially enjoys working with men to enhance and support their roles as husbands and fathers. He also enjoys teaching and does a workshop with his wife, Dyan, entitled "Enhancing Your Marriage.